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Skeletal System Activities for Students

Shashank Nakate
The use of skeletal system activities help understand the subject (structure and function of bones) quite easily. There are many activities that can be used in studying the skeletal system. Few of those are described here.
The skeletal system forms the framework of our body, providing it with the necessary support and stability. Learning about the skeletal system by means of different activities makes the process interesting. Such activities are found to be useful when teaching children the skeletal system.
Drawing diagrams of bones that form the skeletal system, creating models of the bone framework, and many other activities can be undertaken to make the learning process interesting and fun-filled.

Educational Skeletal System Activities

Learning with the help of interesting and fun activities helps in assimilating the subject matter quite easily. Teachers of primary and middle school make use of many such activities for kids to grasp the subject easily.

Identifying the Bones

This is one of the basic and simplest activities that kids can indulge in, in the process of studying the skeletal system. Models of the skeletal system are available in the market. These models can be used in the activity of identification of the different parts (i.e., bones). 
Good use of flash cards can be made in this activity. Students should be asked to place the flash card with name of the bone next to the correct specimen.

Making a Model of Skeleton

To make a model of skeleton, black chart paper should be used. Drinking straws are perfect material that can be used in making a skeleton. The contrasting effect generated by gluing straws to the black paper helps in enhancing the appearance. Different bones can be labeled with a marker; a labeled skeletal system diagram can be used for reference.
Another way of creating a model of skeletal system is that of using pieces of cardboard. The cardboard pieces should be cut into shapes of bones. These pieces should then be glued together to create an entire skeleton.

Studying Bone Injuries

The topic of bone injuries should help in understanding the different ways in which bones can get damaged. Examples of accidents in sports like soccer, hockey, etc., can be discussed in order to have an idea about bone injuries.
The information of how bones get injured (break), should also be complemented with instructions about avoiding the injuries. Making PowerPoint presentations on different types of injuries caused to the bones is one of the ideas that students can use.

Understanding the Healing Process

Studying the process of healing of bones is another skeletal system activity for middle school kids. X-rays of fractured bones and normal bones can be used to study the healing process. The significance of plaster in the process of healing should be explained to the kids.
Kids with an experience of bone fracture can be allowed to speak during the discussions held on such subjects. A lecture of an expert in the field (if possible, an orthopedic medical practitioner) can be arranged in order to get a better idea of the topic.


A quiz with the skeletal system as a theme can be organized to create awareness of this body system. Questions about the shape and functions of different types of bones in the body can be incorporated in this quiz.

Skeleton Shakedown

This activity is used to understand the proper position of bones in the skeletal system. The model of skeletal system can be used for this activity. In skeletal shakedown, the model should be dismantled; participants should be asked to reassemble the set of bones to form the original model.
The skeleton is amongst important systems of our body. The different skeletal system activities presented above should prove to be useful in understanding it from different angles. These are only few ideas that can be used to devise the skeletal activities. One can think of many such activities to learn about the skeleton and its functions.